OUR Environment

What’s black, red, and white, but green all over? KFC. We strive to protect the environment in as many ways as possible – from how we source our ingredients and packaging to our energy efficiency. And we have established aggressive goals to hold us accountable.


All of our wheat is 100% Canadian grown & milled, and packaged in Canada. The bags in which the flour is packaged is also ethically sourced.

We only use 100% Canadian grown, crushed and packaged Canola oil. Our partners can trace our products down to the specific farmers growing the seeds. We do not use Palm oil in any of our frying oil products.


We have committed to sourcing 100 per cent of our fiber-based packaging from recycled sources by 2020 and using only recoverable, reusable plastic packaging by 2025.

Plastic straws and plastic bags will be completely removed from our restaurants by Fall, 2019


We design and build 100% of our new restaurants to maximize energy savings, water conservation and sensible material usage.


Our chicken, gravy, salads, and corn contain no artificial flavours, colours, or partially hydrogenated oils.

We use only the highest quality Canola Oil to fry our chicken and French fries.

And we only use Sustainable Certified Palm Oil in our ice cream cones and cookies.

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