Dear Campus Visitor,

Welcome to the most revered institute of poultry cooking comprehension around— The College for Chicken Knowledge.

I first opened this College back in 1952 to make certain my original way of making the finest fried chicken was being carried out in all my restaurants. No winging it on the wings, if you know what I mean.

Now, it’s come to my attention that some of you folks on the interweb have a bone to pick with my chicken, taking to Tweeter to complain that my product just doesn’t taste like it used to. Reading your comments almost got me a' hootin’ and hollerin’, because there’s no one who respects the art of pressure cookin’ chicken more than your Colonel.

And to prove it, I've reopened the College doors—to retrain my cooks in my original way of doing things. That’s right, cooks—we’ve always had them. Because I truly do believe that there are no short cuts when it comes to doin’ things the right way. That’s why we hand-bread every piece of Canadian-raised chicken with care, and cook em’ up just right.

Now I know, as a true connoisseur of quality foods, you’ve probably been dying to enroll at this fine establishment. My friend, you’ll be downright disappointed to hear, our school is only for KFC cooks. But you’re welcome to take a mosey around, and find out just how we make our chicken so finger lickin’ good. And no, I'm sorry, you can't crawl inside the screen and enjoy that fried chicken we've been talking about so much. I know, I've tried.


Learn the ABCs of cooking KFC.
What else did you think we cooked with?
Here’s a refresher course from some of our Canadian farmers.
Meet the alumni
Raymond Semen, Saskatchewan
Cookin’ up KFC for 10+ years
“I’ve been stopped when I’m out in public, wearing my KFC hat, by people who tell me that they have never had better KFC chicken anywhere else than at KFC Estevan. The Colonel always tried his best to bring the world his great tasting chicken. So I can’t let him down.”
farmer face
Radley Steeves, Nova Scotia
Cookin’ up KFC for 5+ years
“Providing great chicken to customers and seeing them satisfied and happy after they eat is the best part of my job. KFC chicken is Rad! (just like my name).”
Alvin Nicdao, Saskatchewan
Cookin’ up KFC for 1.5 years
“I love going into the empty kitchen in the morning, turning on some music and filling the kitchen with good ambiance. It’s these moments that build relationships that make my KFC crewmates family.”
Jordan Lundberg, Saskatchewan
Cookin’ up KFC for 4+ years
“I do my best to ensure my chicken lives up to the Colonel’s infamous golden spoon test. My four years at KFC have taught me that the road to excellence involves hard work and discipline…the Colonel’s way is MY WAY!”
David Audet, Québec
Cookin’ up KFC for 28 years
“I was named Best Cook in Quebec for 3 years in a row. I continued to work diligently, and I eventually made it to the national (Canadian) "Cook Olympics" in Halifax, where I was thrilled to come in in 3rd place.”
Rolly Villones, Saskatchewan
Cookin’ up KFC for 20+ years
“Before arriving in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, I worked at KFC in the Philipines for 17 years, where I won KFC’s Best Cook Competition. Every day I try to put myself in the shoes of our customers, and bring them the best tasting chicken I can.”
Clayton Jon McQuarrie, British Columbia
Cookin’ up KFC for 3+ years
“When I go into work I put my heart into everything I do. I always try to enhance the quality of my chicken or the speed of my preparation, which feels good for a perfectionist like myself.”
Brian Jacobson, British Columbia
Cookin’ up KFC for 13+ years
“I remember one time everybody at work came together in a big way. It was Father’s Day and all the chickens came whole. We quickly got out our knives and started chopping, everybody helping in any way they could. We got through it, and felt more like a family afterwards.”