“To me my recipes are priceless.”

to perfection

How do we make our Original
Recipe® Chicken taste so good after
all these years? Well, it doesn’t come
easy. Our trained cooks continue to
hand-bread it in our secret recipe of
11 herbs and spices in small batches
throughout the day. This ensures that
our chicken is always fresh, and
just the way the Colonel wanted it.

Our trusted

Yep, we like to keep it close
to home. We proudly source our
Original Recipe® Chicken on the bone from
trusted suppliers, such as Olymel. And we’re
pleased to support Canadian farmers, who
deliver it to our stores, throughout the week.


We only use premium chicken for our Original
Recipe® Chicken. It’s always on the bone, and
always raised without any added hormones.
And that guarantees your chicken is as wholesome
as it is delicious.

Comfort food
for thought

Your family deserves the very best! That’s why
when we're cooking, we use only trans fat-free
canola oil – for the same wholesome taste they
love, without sacrificing flavour.

The taste you crave

Only the best premium seasoned chicken
breast is used in our sandwiches and
Crispy Strips. Taste it and you’ll discover
the difference – it’s the same old delicious,
home-style chicken you’ll be proud to serve
at the dinner table.