Nutrition and Allergen Information

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To help you further, we've provided nutritional information
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Nutrition Information
Serving Size
Weight (g)
Total Fat (g)
Saturated Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Sodium (mg)
Carbohydrates (g)
Dietary Fiber (g)
Sugars (g)
Protein (g)
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Original Recipe® (OR) Chicken
OR Keel 1 piece141330173.50120450312400826
OR Rib 1 piece91240132.5075380311270286
OR Drumstick 1 piece441107104520040190224
OR Wing 1 piece4011071.5045150201120202
OR Thigh 1 piece88260194.5095380511180426
OR Tender 1 piece 45 100 5 0.5 0.0 25 350 5 0 1 10 0 2 0 2
Hot & Spicy (HS) Chicken*
Keel 1 piece1203101720.180650912292226
Rib 1 piece752201320.1453901111142224
Drumstick 1 piece65160101.50.160250401152204
Wing 1 piece62230162.50.155330811132202
Thigh 1 piece70220152.50.165300701132204
Sandwiches & Wraps
Toasted Wrap 1 sandwich11026012202070026121106415
Spicy Toasted Wrap 1 sandwich110280152.502072026221126410
Twister 1 sandwich2505302440.2451240535425415630
Spicy Twister 1 sandwich2505803050.3551280525425415630
Vegetarian burger 1 sandwich16847020205370534618061040
Big Crunch® 1 sandwich216520222.5045110056382406625
Spicy Big Crunch® 1 sandwich216540243045111056382426625
Doublicious®1 sandwich200450172.00.045102051372404430
Spicy Doublicious®1 sandwich200480202.50.045104551372424430
Colonels Original Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich178430162.00.050105547272527520
Spicy Colonels Original Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich178450193.00.052107547272528520
Zinger Sandwich 1 sandwich2025702730501220583625210625
Zinger Twister 1 sandwich2526703760601320594225220820
Snackables /Sides
Hot Wings 5 wings15538024509597015202780215
Hot Wings 10 wings309760481001901950315055150435
Hot Wings 20 wings6181520951903803900621001093001070
Mini Mashed Potato & Gravy 1 bowl3161602.50.50012503124401044
Crispy Strips® 3 strips168330151.5060120021332700020
Popcorn Chicken® Individual size58170101020400121090004
Popcorn Chicken® Small size12337021204085026201900210
Popcorn Chicken® Medium Size245740423.5080169052403900420
Popcorn Chicken® Large size33210005750105229071505200630
Chicken Bowl (16oz) Large size47352019404016306468220252010
French Fries Individual size113300141003504140401024
French Fries Medium size 3118204030597011210110030415
French Fries Large size510135065505160018417116050820
French Fries Extra Large Size879233011281102750317292280901035
Gravy Individual size10045100046070210022
Gravy Medium size24911030.5051150180430024
Gravy Large size48321061.5052230351850046
Corn Individual size70600.50000112520202
Corn Medium size 2602102.5000039818801006
Corn Large size3452803.500005210241001506
Mashed Potatoes Individual size64450000160101010620
Mashed Potatoes Medium size 19814000004803031302042
Mashed Potatoes Large size39727000009706053504068
Popcorn Chicken® Poutine 1 poutine381900511318518208272320154515
Spicy Popcorn Chicken® Poutine 1 poutine 433 1060 67 16 1.5 100 2090 87 0 3 32 0 0 35 15
Poutine 1 poutine34372040121601480726221020458
Buttery Bread 1 piece 38 130 5 1.0 0.1 0 200 17 1 1 3.0 0 0 2 8
Salads/ Dressings/Dipping Sauces
Coleslaw Salad Individual Size961207101015014210161044
Macaroni Salad Individual Size9114061015470151332404
Potato Salad Individual Size96140710103601925281002
Sweet BBQ Dipping Sauce 1 dip cup286000001351301200200
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 1 dip cup28806005180705.900000
Dipitt Spicy Buffalo 1 dip cup282520.1006701000.20000
Dipitt Honey Garlic 1 dip cup2870000090170150.10000
Plum Dipping Sauce 1 dip cup2840000010100900000
Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie 1 cookie34140630.1101302011214026
KFC Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Individual Size9932017100.555250351237102102
Ice Cream Cone* Individual Size951906402512529024502152
Chocolate Sundae* Individual Size11523074.502515036033502154
Strawberry Sundae* Individual Size12023074.5025140380335010150
Caramel Sundae* Individual Size11524084.502518039033502150
Kream Ball - Chocolate Hazelnut* Individual Size18040015905521058153842208
Kream Ball - Strawberry* Individual Size1854201610045250611498610204
Kream Ball - Caramel* Individual Size18042013704024066150922254
Beverages (Fountain/ Bottle)
Pepsi® 571ml2510000236606600000
Diet Pepsi® 571ml000004500000000
7 UP 571ml25100001036806800000
Lipton Brisk Tea 571ml20500001375205200000
Mountain Dew® 571ml2730000727507400000
Dr Pepper 571ml2280000916206200000
Orange Crush 571ml29700001037807800000
Mug Root Beer 571ml2570000726906900000
Chocolate milk 1% 250ml1702.51.5010180260269100302
Oasis Fruitzoo Apple Juice 200ml90000010220200.3010082
Aquafina Water 500ml00000000000000
Dole Orange Juice 250ml115000026280232010022
Dole Apple Juice 250ml120000010280240010000
Dole Strawberry Kiwi Juice 250ml140000010320301010000
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail 250ml150000035380380010000
Pure Leaf Lemon 250ml80000002102100000
Pure Leaf Unsweetened 250ml000001500000000
Pure Leaf Raspberry 250ml750000101901900000
Kid's Meals
OR Drumstick 1 piece441107104520040190224
String cheese 1 serving216042.50.110140000640150
Oasis Fruitzoo Apple Juice 1 serving200ml90000010220200.3010082
Popcorn Chicken® kids size100300171.50306902120160028
Crispy Strip® 2 strips1122201010408001422180006
Nutrition Facts% Daily Value
Note: The serving size listed is the approximate size of menu item as served to the customer. Substitution of ingredients may alter nutritional values. Menu items and hours of availability may vary at participating locations.Although this data is based on standard portion product guidelines, variation can be expected due to seasonal influences, minor differences in product assembly per restaurant and other factors. Some of the menu products listed above are limited time offerings or test market items. Product data is based on current formulation as of date of update . If you have any questions about KFC and nutrition or are particularly sensitive to specific ingredients or foods, please contact us at 1-866-364-0862 or visit us on the web at Updated: April 2017

Allergen Information
Tree Nuts
Sesame Seeds
Fish / Shellfish
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
Original Recipe® Chicken® **
Hot & Spicy Chicken
Original Recipe® Tender
Spicy Toasted Wrap
Toasted Wrap
Vegetarian burger xx
Big Crunch®
Spicy Big Crunch
Spicy Doublicious®
Zinger Sandwich
Colonels Original Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Colonels Original Chicken Sandwich
Toasted Twisters
Spicy Twister
Zinger Twister
Snackables / Sides
Hot Wings XXXX
Crispy Strips®
Popcorn Chicken®
Chicken Bowl
French Fries
Mashed Potato
Popcorn Chicken® Poutine
Spicy Popcorn Chicken® Poutine
Salads / Dressings
Coleslaw Salad **
Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad
Dipping Sauces
Sweet BBQ Dipping Sauce
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Plum Dipping Sauce
Dipitt Spicy Buffalo
Dipitt Honey Garlic
Strawberry Cheesecake xx
Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies xx
Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate Sundae x
Strawberry Sundae
Caramel Sundae
Kream Ball - Chocolate Hazelnut
Kream Ball - Strawberry
Kream Ball - Caramel
Kid's Meal
String Cheese
Allergens Sensitivities
√ = Contains Allergen
X = May contain Allergen
† = Contains ingredients that may cause sensitivity
* = We use Milk & Eggs in our breading in some of our restaurants, in London, Mississauga, Calgary & Nova Scotia. All participating stores have clear signage with allergen statements.
** = (**) Our Coleslaw contains Milk in all of our London and Saskatoon restaurants.
Important Information: The allergen information displayed on this poster is based on standard product formulations and is current as of April 2017. Variations may occur to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions and/or product preparation at the restaurant. Some menu items may not be available at all restaurants. Some of the menu products listed above are limited time offerings or test market items. Customers with allergies and allergy-related questions can contact the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network on the web at or by phone at (800) 929-4040. In some restaurants French fries and pork products may be prepared in the same oil. If you or a customer has a food allergy, please be aware that KFC products may have come into contact with possible allergens. KFC is a restaurant environment, serving foods that are not in sealed packages. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a 100% allergy-free environment